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How to Change Metamask Password (Informative Guide)

How to change metamask password fi

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that stores digital assets such as Ether, ERC-20 Tokens, and ERC-721 Tokens.

If you haven’t heard of it, Metamask is the most popular Ethereum browser used to access decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network.
Metamask is a digital wallet that stores cryptocurrency assets and allows you to send and receive payments. 
Quick Answer

Quick Answer

Understanding When to Change Your Password

Metamask is a browser extension, much like Chrome’s extension. That means it’s running in your browser, and your browser has a password, just as your computer does—and the password’s tied to your login.

Your computer’s operating system (OS) has to remember your password, which means you can access your computer’s login screen. But if you have a browser extension like Metamask, the browser remembers your password for you—and that means the browser itself needs to remember your password.

Think about that.

How to change metamask password

The OS has to remember your password, but the browser and the browser extension have to remember your password.

Installing and Signing Into Metamask

To change your Metamask password, you’ll need to install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you can modify your password the same way you would in Chrome.

Installing and signing into metamask

After signing in, you should see your Ethereum wallet address at the bottom of the screen.

If you didn’t already change your Metamask password, type it in and click “OK” to change it.

Changing Your Password

When you log in to the MetaMask wallet, there will be a prompt at the top of the screen asking you to change your password.

Simply enter your new password in the provided box.

You can click the “Forgot Password?” link to reset your password on the MetaMask site.

After you enter your password, you’ll be asked to re-enter your password to confirm it.

Changing your password

After confirming your password, the MetaMask wallet will be unlocked.

Confirming the Change

Once you confirm your password change, you’ll once again be prompted to store your password.

Confirming the change

After that, you’ll be prompted to select which authentication method you want to use when signing in.

The “Sign-in method” option will add two-factor authentication to your Metamask account. This setting won’t affect any other federated identity providers.

Additional Security Measures

It’s also a good idea to make additional changes to your Metamask account. These steps vary depending on the version of Metamask you use. First, check to ensure that you’re using the latest version of Metamask.

Next, go through the following changes:

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA), which is an extra security layer. To turn it on, open your account settings and scroll down to “2-Factor Authentication.
  • Enable the “Remember me” option. This will add an additional security layer to your account. However, remember, using a computer that you share with other people is a bad idea, because anyone with access to that computer can log in to your account.
  • Enable the “Verify downloads” option, which will allow you to verify that all downloaded files were downloaded from the official Metamask website.


Can MetaMask Password Be Changed?

Your secret 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase will be required to reset your MetaMask password. You will need your Secret Recovery Phrase to reset your password for MetaMask wallet. Please read How to Reveal Your Secret Recovery Phrase.

How Do I Change My Password in MetaMask Browser?

You can change your password if you have already unlocked your MetaMask account. Click on “Security & privacy” in your settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Change password”.

Where Do I Find My MetaMask Password?

Navigate to Settings. Start the MetaMask app. Click on Security & Privacy. You will see many options in the Settings. Change your Password

How Do I Reset My MetaMask?

Click the account icon in the upper-right corner of Extension. Mobile users can open the main menu by tapping the hamburger icon at the top left. Choose Settings Choose Advanced Scroll down and click on Reset Account.

What Happens if I Reset MetaMask Wallet?

A wallet reset is basically a MetaMask Extension and Mobile app return to the state they were in when you downloaded them. It clears your Secret Recovery Phrase as well as your accounts from the software. To access your wallet again, you will need to enter your Secret Recovery Phrase after you have performed a reset.

We hope this guides was off assistance for how to change metamask password.

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