Vaultier Open Source Password Manager

Safely store and share passwords or even files with people you work with!

Get an extra secure professional tool with strong encryption!

Community Edition

Downloadable on-premises version that you can install and use on your server(s).

Hosted solution

Are you looking for hassle free service?

See what we can offer.









No more excel sheets and emails

Your passwords want to be stored and shared safely.
Sending secret data via email or Skype is like driving in the wrong direction.
Stop risking your safety and fasten your seatbelts.

Team collaboration and secure transfer

Vaultier offers easy but still safe and secure password sharing within your team. You can simply manage the team with the help of user management.

State-Of-The-Art security

Vaultier is based on advanced security technology (RSA over AES). All data stored in Vaultier databases are encrypted and can be read only by authorized users with valid keys. Encryption keys are always stored on client machines. Furthermore, what you always get is a stand-alone installation with your own database.

Check out our password management section for informational content.